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Last updated: 3rd August, 2020


eBook: A mobile freelancer’s guide to doing business abroad

How to build and maintain your business as an international digital nomad

People love to travel. Even when we’re not travelling, we’re thinking about foreign climates, how to get there, and what we’ll eat, see and do. Most of us work for between 48 and 50 weeks of the year to spend our precious savings on foreign holidays.

It’s no wonder that the combination of wanderlust and digital technology is allowing more and more people to live abroad and/or run international businesses. Whether you base yourself abroad, work for international companies or simply work from wherever you are, the international lifestyle offers many rewards – from freedom and a preferable climate to cheaper cost of living.

This guide explains the logistics of UK citizens doing business abroad in a freelance capacity, with advice on how to make digital nomadic life and business work.

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