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Last updated: 26th November, 2020

PagoFX is now in Belgium

We’re bringing our low-cost, secure and easy-to-use international money transfer service to the heart of Europe.  

PagoFX by Santander Bank is unique in the world of international payments – a user-friendly app with low, transparent costs, backed by one of the world’s most trusted banks and open to all. Our vision is to build the world’s most loved money transfer service, designed with the customer in mind.

Since launching PagoFX in the UK this April, we’ve been working continuously to add new features and delight our customers. We’ve also been preparing to launch in a series of new countries, and the first of these is Belgium.

As one of our three “home nations” – PagoFX was built by a team based in London, Madrid and Brussels – it’s a country we know well. Not just the headquarters of the European Union, NATO and other multinational organisations, Belgium is a cosmopolitan country with an international outlook. Along with its culinary and cultural gifts to the world (from waffles to baroque painters), Belgium has the world’s diamond capital in Antwerp, and this multilingual, multicultural country is home to some 200,000 expats.

What makes PagoFX different 

Belgian residents have many reasons for sending money abroad. Perhaps you’re a migrant who has made Belgium your home, a Belgian with family overseas, an international student, or a parent whose child is studying abroad. Whatever the purpose, we know that you want to send money easily, securely and without paying high fees.

Traditional methods of sending money overseas have their drawbacks in today’s world. Bank transfers have the benefit of being secure and highly regulated but can take several business days to process. Other providers may claim to be “low cost” but offer an unfavourable exchange rate with hidden mark-ups. In recent years, the arrival of financial technology (fintech) companies on the international money transfer scene has given consumers more choice and convenience than ever before. By combining the agility and technical innovation of a fintech with the stability and security of a global bank, PagoFX gives you the best of both worlds. Find out more about our story here.

Fast, low-cost payments 

Low, transparent costs are at the heart of what we do. Thanks to our exchange rate calculator, you’ll see upfront exactly how much your transfer will cost and how much your recipient will get. PagoFX uses real-time exchange rates, like the ones you’ll see in Google, Reuters and Bloomberg, and there are no hidden fees. You’ll see an estimated time of arrival, and payments are prompt – depending on the destination, they can arrive as fast as within minutes, if sent before the daily cut-off point. You can read more about the countries you can send money to, and their cut-off points, on our Support page.  

How to use PagoFX 

Getting started with PagoFX is easy. Simply download the app and verify your identity via our simple but secure steps, and you’re ready to make your first payment. If you have any questions or would like help at any stage, our expert team is on standby via in-app and web chat or email (support@pagofx.com), in English, French or Dutch.