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Last updated: 3rd December, 2020

Work from Anywhere: new research from PagoFX and YouGov uncovers strong interest in jetting off and working from abroad this year

• More than 1.9 million Brits are planning to work from abroad next year, as 45% say they could do their job from anywhere in the world, according to a new survey by PagoFX and YouGov

• 1 in 6 people employed in the UK say they have worked from abroad in the past, combining their full work day with exploring the world

• 1 in 10 Londoners say the pandemic has made them likely to work from abroad for some of the upcoming year.

London, 3 December 2020 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Has Working from Home been getting you down during the latest lockdown? Then maybe it’s time to consider Work from Abroad this Christmas. PagoFX, the international money transfer service from Santander, today reveals all-new research with YouGov that shows 1 in 16 people employed in the UK are planning to work from abroad – from anywhere – for at least some of the coming year, prompted in large part by the ongoing pandemic and on-again, off-again lockdowns.

With businesses increasingly moving to long-term homeworking, PagoFX has identified a growing number of Brits choosing to pack up their laptop and Work from Anywhere but their normal home. Rather than work from where they’d just been locked down, people are choosing to work from rented apartments, shared accommodation or hotel rooms and see more of the world – while still logging in for those all-important Zoom calls.

In a survey conducted with YouGov of over 1,200 UK adults in employment, 45% said that they could do their job just as well from abroad, although 19% said that they could only do so if they stayed in the same time zone.

1 in 16 employed UK adults, equating to more than 1.9 million workers, said that with the pandemic in mind, they were now either fairly or very likely to work from abroad. This rises to 1 in 10 Londoners who say they plan to Work from Abroad at some point over Christmas or in the coming year.

Some are also taking the opportunity to have a working gap year, with 14% of those aged 18 to 24-years-old and in employment planning to Work from Abroad during 2021.

PagoFX’s research also found that once people had worked abroad once, they were more likely to do so again. Of those that have worked abroad in the past, 1 in 5 are planning to do so again in the coming year.

The survey also investigates what Brits look for in a perfect Work from Anywhere destination. The top three most important requirements were a fast and reliable internet connection (seen as a top priority by 64%), access to quality medical services (53%) and warm, sunny weather (44%). Where there is a fast internet connection, a nearby hospital, and great weather, Brits are likely to be found with their laptops.

But there are plenty of obstacles to living the Work from Anywhere life, though. 19% said that childcare requirements would get in the way, while 14% said they need to stay in the UK to look after their parents. 15% also didn’t like the idea of having to potentially self-isolate on arriving at their destination.

Currency differences and transferring money abroad were also perceived as potential obstacles to working abroad. 11% see being paid in a different currency to the one they need day-to-day as a potential problem, while 6% worry about the need to send money abroad.

Victoria Yasinetskaya, CMO at PagoFX comments: “For many, remote working need not mean homeworking. With almost half agreeing that they could do their jobs just as well from abroad, we’re expecting more people than ever to pack up their laptops and work from a more exotic location this Christmas and into 2021.

Thanks to the latest technology, there are fewer obstacles than ever before, from easy and reliable video calls, to fast and secure international money transfer services. For more of us than ever, geography, technology and currency are no longer a barrier to working from anywhere in the world.”


Survey of 1,239 working UK adults over 18. Research conducted in association with YouGov online between 30 September and 1 October 2020.

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