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What is PagoFX?

PagoFX is an international money transfer service backed by Santander – available in the UK via our mobile app and website. Individuals and small businesses can easily send money abroad with bank-level security, low costs and excellent customer support.

Where is PagoFX available?

PagoFX is currently available in the UK, Belgium and Spain.

Our mobile app is available for download on the App Store or Google Play and customers can also access our service through PagoFX.com.

Who can use PagoFX?

For personal use: PagoFX is available for UK residents who want to make secure, low-cost international payments. Individuals can register on both the mobile app and the website, PagoFX.com.

For business use: PagoFX is available for sole traders based in the UK and small businesses registered in the UK as Limited Companies (Ltd). At the moment we don’t offer our services to entity types other than Ltd.

To set up a business account, both sole traders and small businesses should register on PagoFX.com. Once they have registered, they can use the mobile app and website to make international transfers. Find out more about PagoFX for business here.

Can I have both a personal and a business account?

You can set up a personal account for personal use and a business account as a company for your business payments, but you must use different email addresses for each.

At the moment, we don’t allow the same user to have a personal account and a business account as sole trader.

Can I change my individual account to a sole trader account?

At the moment, we are unable to change your account from individual to sole trader or vice versa.

Do I need to be a Santander customer to use the app?

No, you don’t need a Santander account to use our service. While PagoFX is backed by Santander, it is open to everyone – no matter who you bank with.

What devices are compatible to PagoFX?

Our web service can be used on desktops, tablets and smartphones through our PagoFX.com. Our mobile app can be used on iPhones and Android devices with a working Internet connection to make international payments.

How do I set up an account via the mobile app?

All you need is an email address, an official document (such as your passport, national identity card or UK driving licence) and a photo to match your face with your ID. You also need a valid debit or credit card to send money abroad via PagoFX.

You’ll then go through a simple verification process to ensure your safety.

At the moment, you can set up a personal account via the mobile app. For business accounts, this should be done via our website (see below).

How do I set up an account via the website?

Just click on the “Sign Up” button on our homepage, www.pagofx.com, select either a personal or a business account, and fill in the email and password fields. You can then enter your personal information and go through a simple verification process. Before you can start sending payments, you’ll also need to activate your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation email we’ll send you.

If you need a business account to operate as a sole trader, choose “Business” and then “Sole trader”on the website’s Register screen. As a sole trader, we will ask for your “Industry Type” and the “Annual Volume Expected to Send”.

If you need a business account as a company, choose “Business” and then “Company”. There are then some additional steps to follow. Find out more about PagoFX for business here.

Why do I need to verify my ID?

We verify ID to protect you, your money and your data, offering you the highest level of security. It also ensures that we comply with our legal obligations, especially in relation to preventing fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing.

Why do I need to take a photo?

We use your photo to verify your ID and documents. We won’t share your photo with anyone; it’s private and kept safe with us. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

If I already have a PagoFX account via the mobile app, how do access it via the website?

If you’ve already created your account on the mobile app you can access it via our website by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” button and by following the reset password instructions. Once you have created a password you will be able to sign in to your account.

I’ve downloaded the mobile app but haven’t verified my account or completed the verification process. How do I use the web service?

If you’ve already downloaded the app but haven’t verified your account or completed the verification process, you can use our web service by clicking on the “Sign up” button on the website.

How do I login to my PagoFX account on the website?

On www.pagofx.com, just click on the “Sign In” link on the homepage and enter your email address and password.