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30th September, 2020

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Transfer Kindness: supporting international social causes from home

When you send money to these international charities with PagoFX, we’ll top up your donation so your support goes even further.

Now more than ever, solidarity has taken an international dimension. The global health crisis we’re currently enduring has, for some, provided a sense of solidarity and connectedness which transcends borders.

Connecting people and places is at the heart of PagoFX, so let us introduce two initiatives based in Europe you can directly support with your monetary donations during these extraordinary times. Through PagoFX’s Transfer Kindness Charity Programme, we will match your donation with an additional amount sent to either of these two charities.

● In Poland, the Flame Club project creates bright, friendly spaces for sick children in hospitals and educational centres.

● In Spain, the Santander Ayuda programme supports non-profit and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Fundación Juan XXIII Roncalli, who help people with intellectual disabilities live happy, socially integrated lives and find work opportunities.

We’ve made supporting these projects really easy. You can now send your donation directly to them by using our secure and low-cost international money transfer service, backed by global bank Santander.

Transfer Kindness Charity Programme

UK residents can use PagoFX to facilitate their international donations. Available on iOS, Android and, PagoFX allows UK residents to quickly and easily send money abroad at low cost, with bank-level security and dedicated customer support.

We have launched the Transfer Kindness Charity Programme (see terms) to help you easily support the Flame Club project in Poland and non-profit organisations in Spain through the Santander Ayuda.

We’ll then match your donation in the following ways:

● For donations between £2 and 50, PagoFX will double the amount that the customer transfers.
● For donations between £51 and 100, PagoFX will add £50.
● For donations between £101 and 200, PagoFX will add £100.
● For donations between £201 and 1000, PagoFX will add £200.

For example, if a user donates £10, PagoFX will donate an additional £10 to the chosen charity. If a user transfers £100, PagoFX will donate an additional £50.

The offer, which ends on 15 January 2021, is only applied to the first transaction made to each organisation per user. The minimum amount to donate is £2, with a maximum amount of £1,000.

Additionally, eligible PagoFX users will not be charged any transfer fee on transactions up to a limit of £1,000 as covered by our no-fee programme.

For repeat users (those who have already made a payment on PagoFX before 17 September and users who have reached the £1,000 limit of the no-fee programme), a low-cost transfer fee will be charged, which will then be multiplied by 10 and donated to the chosen charity by PagoFX. For example, if a repeat user donates £10 and is charged 7p, PagoFX will multiply the 7p charge by 10 and donate it to the charity on top of the previously added amount.

All added donations will be made in PagoFX’s name.

PagoFX is an easy and secure way UK residents can show their support for causes close to their hearts. Simply make your donation by entering the details of the organisation you want to donate to on the PagoFX app, or via Watch this guide on how to use PagoFX.

Creating welcoming spaces for sick children at hospitals in Poland

The Flame Club project helps create warm and friendly spaces for sick children in hospitals, orphanages, schools and educational centres. Dubbed “Klub Płomyka” in Polish, Flame Clubs are filled with beautiful colours, new furniture, books and creative toys, as their objective is to simply bring joy to sick children in Poland. The project places volunteers to help renovate and build these special rooms in the country, among other tasks.

Flame Club is one of the various projects of Santander Bank Polska Foundation, which is also committed to helping hospitals and medical staff with medical equipment, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can donate to Flame Club through PagoFX by selecting the currency you want to send (PLN) and using the business details below.*

Business name: Santander Bank Polska Foundation
Country: Poland
● Address line 1: Aleja Jana Pawla II 17 street
City: Warsaw
Zip/Postal Code: 00-854
IBAN: PL78 1090 1056 0000 0001 0253 8699
Payment reference: Flame Club

For enquiries, you can send an email to

Supporting non-profit organisations in Spain

Madrid-based Fundación Juan XXIII Roncalli is an organisation with more than 50 years of experience in the social and workforce inclusion of people with disabilities. They’re committed to helping people with neurodiversity better integrate into regular society, both socially and in the workforce.

“BEyou”, one of Fundación Juan XXIII Roncalli’s latest projects, aims to acquire and set up a standing frame at their Day Centre, allowing people with severe intellectual disabilities combined with mobility issues to rehabilitate their balance, posture and improve their mobility. This equipment will upgrade the Day Centre’s physiotherapy area and the quality of their interventions – achieving significant improvements in the participants’ bones and tissues, as well as their cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, neuromuscular and psychological systems. Sixty people with intellectual disabilities and serious mobility difficulties will directly benefit from this project.

This project is one of the beneficiaries of the Santander Ayuda programme by Fundación Banco Santander, which supports non-profit organisations in implementing social projects at local level as they seek to improve the life of the socially vulnerable. Through Santander Ayuda, each chosen beneficiary organisation may receive up to €5,000 to implement their project. You can support Santander Ayuda through PagoFX by selecting the currency you want to send (EUR) and using the business details below.*

Business name: Fundacion Banco Santander
IBAN: ES16 0086 3240 1000 1035 8933
Payment reference: Ayuda

For enquiries, please send an email to Fundación Banco Santander is located at Serrano Street, 92 28006 Madrid, Spain.

* As with any donations, be sure to obtain advice as to the tax implications your donation may bring.